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Major Amendment to Brisbane City Plan – Biodiversity Provisions now in effect

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Citywide update – Major Amendment Package B – Biodiversity and associated consequential amendments to the balance of the City Plan Brisbane City Council (v17.00/2019) came into effect on 29 November 2019. This amendment package carries the biodiversity areas overlay mapping which (until last Friday 29 Nov) was referred to as the draft biodiversity areas overlay mapping. The amendment package also includes revisions to the biodiversity planning provisions of the City Plan.

Brisbane City Council intends that the City Plan amendments will:

  • Establish a diverse, consolidated and connected biodiversity network;
  • Protect the city’s most important habitat and remnant bushland;
  • Identify Brisbane’s main ecological corridors and incorporate significant koala habitat areas; and
  • Help achieve Council’s 40% natural habitat cover target.

The revised mapping is intended to align City Plan mapping with Queensland Government koala habitat mapping and refine areas designated as a biodiversity area (with reference to more current biodiversity themes mapping at Local and State level).

The now current mapping introduces new mapping categories (‘High Ecological Significance Strategic’ and ‘General Ecological Significance Strategic’). The new categories appear centered upon restoration of ecological corridor networks through the City and represent a potential constraint to development. Of note here is that amended Part 3 (strategic framework) of the City Plan seeks that development for urban purpose is located outside areas of high strategic biodiversity value. In cases where Council accepts that development within a HES or GES strategic area is unavoidable, an environmental offset (3:1 offset ratio) can now be triggered.

The now effective mapping carries a greater level of biodiversity constraint for some properties; while relaxing the level of constraint for others. Notwithstanding, in our comparison of current and former biodiversity areas overlay mapping; it is evident that ground-truthing of biodiversity areas mapping remains of importance given the large-scale nature of the mapping and the complexity of the biodiversity themes it seeks to map.

For more details go to https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-and-building/planning-guidelines-and-tools/brisbane-city-plan-2014/amendments-to-city-plan-2014/current-city-plan-amendment-v17002019/citywide-amendment-biodiversity


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