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Clean Coal a Growing Industry

An increased demand for energy and the popularisation of coal in power generation is driving an industry for clean technology that can improve the environmental performance of coal. The global market is expected to reach a total value of $30.9 billion by 2018 as the…

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1/4 of Sharks and Rays in Danger

A new assessment of worldwide shark, ray and chimaera species shows that a quarter of the worlds sharks and rays are at risk of extinction. Major contributors to the danger include overfishing (both intentional and unintentional catches), slow reproduction cycles, and intentional culling due to…

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The Queensland Plan

The Queensland Plan is a 30 year plan for Queensland which is being prepared by the Queensland Government. The final publication will be released in mid-2014, but now is the time to have your say on the future of Queensland. The Queensland Government has released…

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The Economics of Saving an Endangered Species

How do you determine which endangered species receives resources to save them, and which go without? Traditionally money has been channeled to a species based on risk. Those species at greater risk receive greater funds in order to boost conservation efforts. However director of Queensland…

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EPA Approves Gorgon Expansion

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved a further extension of the Gorgon liquified natural gas (LNG) facility. Chevron received conditional approval for the expansion, which includes the use of an additional 32 hectares of land on Barrow Island to allow construction work that will…

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Silt Plumes Pose Little Risk To Environment

Silt Plumes seen leaving the Inpex Jetty Construction Site in Darwin pose little risk to the environment, according to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The plumes come amid the driving of steel piles into the seabed in preparation of the Inpex Ichthys project. Whilst the…

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