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Queensland Environmental Offsets review – Open for Feedback

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The Queensland Government is undertaking an extensive review of the Environmental Offsets Framework with the aim to increase efficiency of offset delivery in moving forward. The review will focus on five key areas:

  1. Environmental outcomes
  2. Alignment with best practice
  3. How the Government measure offsets
  4. Security and transparency
  5. Offset opportunities

The review is to consider all activities governed by the Environmental Offsets Act 2014 including interactions between Queensland environmental offsets framework and the Commonwealth Government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (and associated Environmental Offsets Policy).

A key outcome of the review process is for revision (scheduled for mid-2021) to the Environmental Offsets Act 1994 and associated policy.

The Government is calling for feedback on stakeholder experience in dealing with the offset framework and is seeking ideas for improvement.

New Ground has been approached by the Government to provide feedback and is in the process of preparing a submission calling on our long standing project experience and technical interest in this space.

To have your say, you can access the discussion paper at the location below:


Submissions close 5pm Monday 15 April 2019.


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