Total System Approach

New Ground understands the importance of your social license to operate. So our approach goes beyond compliance and considers all stakeholders.

We focus on the little things that all add up, like not wearing florescent vests in rural towns, shutting property gates and minimising worksite noise. While in isolation these aren’t ground breaking, collectively they add up to our New Ground Total System Approach™


  • Local Understanding
  • Locally Owned


  • Ecology Specialists
  • Technical Excellence

Land Owner

  • Collaborative Approach
  • Respectful site use
Rapid Response Teams

We mobilise our Rapid Response Teams™ in 24 – 48 hours, so we will get on-site and off again with your site access window, guaranteed.

We Deliver

We hit agreed timelines 100% of the time so you can be confident there won’t be any surprise costs from project over runs


Our proprietary DigiDataReport™ allows 24 hour, next day answers in survey data reporting. No one does it faster.