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Updates to Regulated Vegetation Management Mapping and Flora Survey Trigger Map

Regulated Vegetation Management Mapping

The Queensland Government released an updated version of the Vegetation management regulated vegetation management map on 21 June 2019 (version 3). The updated mapping presents revised regional ecosystem mapping (high value regrowth and remnant regional ecosystem), essential habitat mapping, wetland mapping and watercourse mapping (including extractive industry version). In addition, some regional ecosystem conservation classes have been updated. The revised mapping incorporates Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAVs) certified up until May 2019. The vegetation mapping will continue to be updated monthly to incorporate certified PMAVs.

The changes do not affect areas locked in as Category X on a Property Map of Assessable Vegetation.

The regulated vegetation management map shows areas that are assessable and non-assessable under the provisions of the Vegetation Management Act 1999. Accordingly, the mapping is of relevance to a range of development projects, such as urban development and extractive industry, that are assessable under the Planning Act 2016.

It is advisable for landholders and land managers to review the updated mapping to ascertain whether properties of interest are affected. Further, we strongly suggest that landholders consider registering a PMAV over their land to help protect it from future updates to the mapping. New Ground can assist with this.

The latest mapping can be accessed via the Government’s Queensland Globe tool and the Government’s regulated vegetation map request website (links below).




Flora Survey Trigger Map

An updated version (version 7) of the Flora Survey Trigger Map for Clearing Protected Plants in Queensland has been released by the State Government. The updated mapping has the effect of designating a greater area of Queensland as ‘High Risk Area’.

The Flora Survey Trigger Map acts a planning trigger, whereby properties that are mapped as a ‘High Risk Area’ must address the requirements of the Protected Plants regulatory framework under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

In particular, the requirements of the framework must be addressed prior to vegetation clearing and are distinct from the development approvals process under the Planning Act 2016.

The revised mapping can be accessed as Queensland Globe (link above) and the Government’s Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Map request website (link below).



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